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I know we usually talk about BTS but today I wanted to talk about Stray Kids. Stray Kids are a fairly new group (debut 25/03/2018) but they are topping the charts! Stray Kids is made of 9 men: Changbin, Hyunjin, Lee Know, Felix, I.N (Jeongin), Han, Woojin, Seungmin and Chan (left-right) two of which are proud aussies! They have 5 albums: Mixtape, I am NOT, I am WHO, I am YOU and Clé 1: MIROH

And so without further ado… here’s my top 10 Stray Kids songs!

10 Chronosaurus

It sounds very mysterious at the start but the hard beats are what I live for. Hard beats also give me inspiration for my books 🙂

9 Awkward Silence

The song that started Stray Kids meme streak! This will forever be iconic!

8 My Pace

UGH!!! THIS SONG WAS WHEN I WENT INTO STRAY KIDS CRAZY PHASE!!! This also is the title from my favourite Stray Kids album!

7 Hellevator

This was their VERY FIRST SONG ever released and honestly? WHAT A BOP!! These boys grown up so much from this video!

6 N/S

The most iconic Stray Kids street version. And THOSE DANCE MOVES

5 Grow Up

I had a major phase where I listened only to this song. JAL HAGO ISSEOOOOOOOOOO JAL HAGO ISSEOOOOO!!!!

4 Voices

THE HIGH NOTES MATE! THE HIGH NOTES! And just the tune of it = The best. Also talks about mental health!

3 Get Cool

GET COOOOOOL *GET COOL* this song honestly is such a meme ;p and I love memes


This song is the latest title track from these boys! It is SUCH. A. BOP!

1 District 9

The song that started it off! Their debut song *Blows nose loudly*






I think I'm in serious danger of being converted to K-popism.

2w ago

Mwahahahaha *evil face here*

2w ago
inky Centre for Youth Literature

If anyone can convert you, it's sylvs.

1w ago

In reply to inky

You know me too well Inky ;)

1w ago