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Guess who's performing at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards!

OH MY GOD!!! I’m so excited! We passed 100 million views in just 2 days!!! Ah, we’re breaking records! Just as I heard the news that we passed the 100 million mark (Youtube, give us the 10 million back), I heard about the BTS x Halsey “Boy With Luv” World Premiere Performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards!!!!! The boys have come so far and I’m so happy that I get to watch this along with the rest of the ARMY!!

Make sure to tune into the awards night! Not only are the boys performing the new song, but they are also nominated for TWO, I repeat, TWO awards (Top Social Artist and Top Duo/Group).

P.S. Stream Map of Soul: Persona 🙂
And, what’s your favourite song on the tracklist? I’m absolutely in love with Home and Intro: Persona (although not gonna lie, Dionysus is growing on me!! ) Plus, Suga’s part in “Boy with Luv” was AMAZING?!!! Lowkey waiting for Agust D 2 Comeback!!!



Persona and Dionysus for me <3 Great post btw ;)

17th Apr, 19

Thanks and I've been replaying Suga's and RM's part in Boy With Luv so many times over the past 2 days!!! We already got RM's playlist, so I'm so excited for an Agust D 3 Comeback!!! AHHHH!!

17th Apr, 19

In reply to bookhaven

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I've literally had the whole album on repeat too!! And yes we need Agust D I agree <3 :D

18th Apr, 19