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10 Best BTS Songs to Listen To If You Are A New ARMY

Hey guys,

So as I mentioned in the last post I’m going to put up a list of the best BTS songs to listen to if you want to get a taste of their music, if you’re new to the fandom or if you’re simply just like “there has to be some reason why @vivi is so obsessed with these people”.

Well the thing is I’m not musical but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my music – it’s my savior and honestly, music makes me feel safe and like I’m at home.  I personally used to not have a favorite band or an artist or songwriter or whatever and then I came across BTS…and honestly, it changed everything I thought I knew. I had heard of K-Pop before BTS but I wasn’t interested in listening to songs I couldn’t understand yet here I am, writing this post with a full playlist of 31 BTS songs playing on my speaker…things really do change 🙂 By discovering BTS I was exposed to whole new window of music and that’s something that really excites me!!

Anyway let’s move onto the actual post and not focus on me but on BTS!! The LEGENDS!!!! The KINGS!!!!!

We’ll start from…

#10 – No More Dream 

These days BTS don’t release songs with their old heavy hip-hop sound but this song of theirs – also part of their debut album – is still one their iconic songs. It paved the way for the rest of their career with the sheer energy and inspirational message. It tackles the problems of reputations, frustrations in school and dreams; yet another reason why I love BTS; their music always have a deeper meaning to it…CAN THEY HONESTLY GET ANY BETTER?!?!?!?


#9 – I NEED U 

I Need U brought something different to BTS’s sound because the electronic sounds rose to the forefront in this. There were pulsating beats, low-key raps and melodic harmonies that transformed BTS’s sound and propelled them to new heights. The emotion behind the words is almost overwhelming and they were able to capture the purpose and message behind this song so well. As a result of this amazing song, BTS’s follow up singles; “Save Me”,  “Run” and  “Blood Sweat and Tears” are all built on the style of “I Need U”.

#8 – 21st Century Girls 

I can’t thank BTS enough for making this song because they are honestly the first male group I have ever come across who performed a song that inspired girls. The meaning behind this song is heartwarming, inspiring, and beautiful because they made this song with ARMY in their minds and they are motivating us to believe in ourselves.

#7 – Butterfly 

This is a calmer and gentler song that BTS released but it never fails to make me feel emotional every time I listen to it. It exposes BTS’s gentler and softer side and showcased how sensitive they actually are – it shows ARMY and others a different side of them. They aren’t afraid to show their fans who they truly are and I think that’s something that should be deeply respected by everyone. Every time I hear this song, I’m reminded of the most special moments I’ve had and why I’m so lucky to have what I’ve been given.

#6 – N.O.

BTS is all about breaking social norms and accepting what you truly want to do. In short, be yourself and be proud of it! N.O describes the emptiness of simply following what others tell you to – to get good grades solely for getting a good job, to aim for a lot of money and a good house and car because that’s what adults have told us since day one. But BTS questions whether that will really give you happiness.

#5 – DNA 

The song opens with an addictive, whistled jook and upbeat acoustic guitar rhythm that will have you hanging off it for weeks on end! The music and lyrics are colorful and mixed so well with the melodic electronic explosion that is literally their MV. Their lyrics showcase their ideas of fate and love at first sight whether it be through their hypnotizing vocals or powerful rap. BTS like to do different things and I definitely think that their efforts paid off with the release of DNA.

#4 – Dope 

The dual singles “Dope” and “I Need U” each presented new aspects of BTS’s style and raised the group to new heights!! It explores new instrumentation, highlighting funky horns and pounding rhythms before leading to the ultimate build of the chorus. It’s an ADDICTIVE combination of a variety of styles which are seamlessly transitioned together from one verse to the next and the result is a cohesive pump-up anthem!!! I usually play Dope when I really want to go psycho dancing in my room because it makes me feel good and the vibe of the song is INCREDIBLE!!!

#3 – Save Me 

The whirring song of “Save Me” took a sharp SHARP turn from BTS’s early influences and ushered in the group’s most accessible sound to date. While not entirely devoid of hip-hop influences, “Save Me” incorporates trap and EDM to create a more modern, mainstream sound. It’s one of BTS’s most popular songs and claimed the third spot on the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks chart only months are its initial release. Save Me will hit you right in the feels because of the message behind it – once again BTS have a reason as to why they make this music and it’s to connect with ARMY and people all around the world.

#2 – Blood Sweat and Tears 

Blood Sweat and Tears is one of BTS’s best-selling songs ever and the lead single from the highest charting K-Pop album ever on the Billboard 200 – in 2016. The sound of it is innovative and it shows the progression of BTS and the culmination of their career so far. Also, I love this song because of my bias, Jimin, has some really good parts in this song and it’s also the song that completed my transition from normal human being to ARMY!!!! Just listen to this song and you will ahve it playing on REPEAT for the rest of your week if not month – if you’re crazy like me…

#1 – Fake Love 

Fake Love, BTS’s song that also smashed records this year with it’s complimentary album – Love Yourself Tear!! The song is very modern and pop but as usual they stay true to their self and there is still rap involved in the song. The meaning behind the song is heartbreaking and RM even said “it was a continuation of the sorrow (from Blood Sweat and Tears)”. The whole song is about heartbreak and love and changing yourself for a relationship that may already be doomed – people will have been at that point or will be at that point in the future so it connects to alot of us. It’s endless agony but you will enjoy listening to this song.

Honorable Mentions that you should still listen to because truthfully they should be on this list too:

  • Fire
  • Anpanman
  • Lie
  • Best Of Me
  • Run
  • Love Maze
  • For You
  • Not Today
  • Two! Three!
  • Spring Day
  • Boy In Luv
  • Magic Shop

ALRIGHT!!! Now you all know what you msut to right?!?!?! Go and watch these right now soon to be new ARMYS!!!!

Vivi out!!